Merry Christmas Monday

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Merry Christmas Monday
Mon, 12-23-2013 - 11:19am

I have been so busy over the weekend getting things ready for Christmas but, I am done. All I have to do is enjoy my day and do a little cooking on Wednesday. 

I went to the Podiatrist for a check up today. He saw that I was dressed for the gym and he said, NO RUNNING. He said the biggest mistake people make once they have injured their achilles is to start back running again when it starts to feel better because within a few weeks they are right back to square one. An achilles injury apparently takes a while to heal. He said in the long run, I will heal much faster if I stay off of it rather than try to do less activity on it. And then we both laughed when he defined "rest" for me. He said that for some reason active people's definition of rest is different than the general population. I am allowed to walk but only what he described as regular walking-not fitness walking. So, I will be lifting today and probably doing some walking. ;-)

I won't make it to the gym again until Thursday and most likely won't make it to post before then either. 

Merry Christmas to you all!

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Mon, 12-23-2013 - 12:52pm

Stopping by to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Karla, I hope that your foot improves quickly. I'm sure its hard to stop the running when you feel like you got on a roll but the doc is right, more rest is better than less. I think I mentioned that my dh is an ultramarathoner? He gets occasional injuries (usually knee) and gets impatient to be back running too soon, and the injury would recur. Finally even *I* could figure out that he wasn't giving it enough time to heal and convinced him to wait longer, and it worked. The other thing to remember is that as we get older it takes longer for our bodies to heal. While you're not "old" you don't heal as quickly as even 5 years ago. Patience, patience! At least you have other ways to stay fit like lifting. Do you have access to an indoor pool?

Good job on finishing all of your holiday preparations. I cannot say the same so I'd better get to it.

I hope that all of you ladies have a good holiday.

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Mon, 12-23-2013 - 7:58pm

Ughghghghhhhhh.... it never ends. I leaned over today, felt a whoosh and then could hear nothing out of my left ear.  It didn't pop so I eventually went to urgent care and I was diagnosed with an ear infection.  Fast forward hours later to the doc screwing up about sending the scripts to the pharmacy and once that was straightened, the pharmacy realized they were out of the medication and DH had to call around to find a pharmacy that had it.  Needless to say, I've been in a bad mood most of the day because I'm so frustrated with my health.  

We're supposed to be spending xmas eve with friends, xmas with the inlaws and Saturday at a birthday party.  I think the chances of me making it to all of those are highly unlikely.  

Karla, good luck with your achilles.  

(Sorry for my crabbiness....)

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Mon, 12-23-2013 - 8:44pm
Gymrat, take care and rest....the amount of time you have been on antibiotics this year is troubling...have you thought of trying something like a gluten free diet? I have never done that, but it seems like something is messing with your immune system...Karla, enjoy the bedlam I expect there will be at your house, ELC, nice of you to stop by! Jean, I bet you Re busy after skiing...FSN, hope you are feeling better...and your family visit goes well. I have seen rumors that the boards will be closed after New Year's. In case that is true, I want you ladies to know how much I enjoy our daily check ins...the differences in our lives and the common ground and support we find mean a lot to me. I am not on Facebook, (and don't want to be) so meeting up there won't work for me., and I don't want to stop by some dy and. Find that I waited too long to say 'thanks' for all the laughs and hugs. Merry Christmas everyone!
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Mon, 12-23-2013 - 10:09pm

Oh no....  I certainly hope that's not the case.  I've been on iVillage for over ten years...   But, I'll take a cue from SJ and just say that in the event our online coffee table goes away, I certainly have enjoyed you all so, so much.  *hugs*  

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Tue, 12-24-2013 - 8:46am

Hi SJ,

I have seen the rumors too but the community staff has had no word that the iVillage message boards are closing. At this time we are updating topics and closing some boards but have not heard that as a whole they are all going to be closed.


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Fri, 12-27-2013 - 10:04pm

Omg, I hope that the boards are NOT going away, as I have thoroughly enjoyed the company of all you wonderful women.  I don't want to imagine not having our daiLy, "coffee clutch," as I really lthee all of you!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Catch up with you later!  :D