Merry Holiday Eve!

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Merry Holiday Eve!
Mon, 12-24-2012 - 7:55am

I'm so confused on the days!  It doesn't feel like a Monday at all.  I'm doing some cardio today (way overindulged over the weekend) and hanging out with DH.  We're spending this evening with a bunch of friends.  

Wonderful news...  we stayed away one night this weekend to give the kitty sitter a chance to try a couple of shots in a row with Sugar Kitty.  It worked!  He tolerated it just fine.  This certainly opens up some possibilities for us to be able to travel together again.  I'm pretty excited.  I think it's a Christmas miracle. 

Hope you all have a lovely holiday.  Laughing

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Mon, 12-24-2012 - 8:50am

Merry holiday eve to you, too, along with everyone on the board!

there is a wonderful quiet in the house with a house filled with family.  I am the only one up, sans dogs, at his moment, and I've already cleaned the kitchen.  :). We depart today to see my mom.  :). Dh and dss stay behind for four nights before your odaylight return before everyone's flights depart.  One exciting piece of news is that the oldest of the granddaughters is engaged, so it looks like we will have a trip to Seattle in the works for late summer.  :D

ugh.  I think I woke up too soon, and now I am ready for a nap.  :(. Poo.

have a great holiday everyone!  I did yoga three days in a row, one of which was a challenging two hous session.

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Mon, 12-24-2012 - 9:23am
Merry Christmas Eve everyone! It will soon be dark here...and almost everything is closed and will remain that way until Dec was raining this morning but there was a hint of blue in the sky a little while ago. It is supposed to be warm for the next few days and I am looking forward to some long walks. Hope everyone finds joy in the holidays....