More snow coming on Monday!

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More snow coming on Monday!
Mon, 03-04-2013 - 8:01am

Phew - what a whirlwind weekend!  My daughter came in for a visit, I went to a quilt class, we cleaned, got some work done, and voila - we are back to Monday!  My pecs, gluts, quads, and back are SCREAMING from yoga,  Since I "rested" for two days, I felt super strong yesterday and really pushed myself, doing 2-4 pushups with every "flow", advanced positions with each pose.  OMG.  It's incredible how hard you can work out with so little movement!  I LOVE it.  I feel a strong, internal energy that is so empowering.

I am LOVING the quilt process.  I just get lost in art projects.  SJ, your question about thinking of another job leads me to doing something that I love, but, alas, I need the money to put my three children through college, so...for now, I still have my job, and I have to work with a high level executive this week, so I am uber-busy.  After a very strong letter to my lawyer, I found that she is on my case now, and got lots done...which means a big bill to pay at the end of the month!  I have to help my mom with a surgery in a couple weeks, and then I travel to Florida with my daughter for vacation.  Phew.  I'm tired just thinking about it!

SJ, how wonderful that your trip was without incident!  How is it to be "back in your own bed?!"  Karla, how are your crossfit workouts?  They must be keeping you sane through this turbulent time.  Gymrat, I am so happy for you in that you are finding a solution to a long, drawn out problem - you are the poster child for persistence and stamina in finding solutions!  And, Jean, how are your last ski runs?  Are you supposed to get  the 10 inches of snow that we are expecting?


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Mon, 03-04-2013 - 8:38pm

Boy oh boy has it been a day. First of all, my daughter-in-law spent all day yesterday and today in the hospital. She was having problems went to have it check out and when she got to the ER, the doc there said she was in labor and dilated 3cm. We all freaked out because she is only 18 weeks and the baby has no chance of survival at that point. They waited all night for her regular doc to get there and when she got there this morning,  she ran tests, called in a specialist to double check and then told us that the ER doc on call had made a mistake. She is not dilated but was having contractions. (Not sure how he made such a mistake!) So, they sent her home on strict bedrest and progesterone treatments and if she makes it to 24 weeks she will be hospitalized for the remained of the pregnancy. At that point they can do something to help. As of a few hours ago the baby (this is the one they are testing for Down's Syndrome) has a strong heartbeat and is moving so we take it one day at a time. 

I did a cross fit class that involved doing ladder push ups (they lay the ladder on the floor and you push up "walking" down the ladder and by the fourth round I was about done. lol There were so many people in class tonight that I had to wait my turn for some things and I was soooooo happy.  It gave me a few seconds rest in between activities. ;-)

Fresh-my mother and sister are really into quilting and it amazes me what they can do. They both are in classes and are really involved in patters and materials, etc. I wish I could find an interest in something like that. 

SJ, I see you made it home safely. Have you made it back to your home gym yet? 

Gym, how are you doing?

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Tue, 03-05-2013 - 6:30am
My sense of time is totally messed up....I am awake way to early, and hungry at the wrong times....I also have a cold...but I would rather be sick here at home than in Poland. Yesterday, I uploaded my pictures and sent them for printing...I took over 300 which for me is insane. I wanted to send them to a local drugstore but couldn't make their upload I am using a place by mail. I haven't been to the gym yet, but hopefully tonight. Karla - it must be so hard to have the two girls pregnant and one having such a hard time. I think pregnancy is very scary...FSN - in my perfect retirement fantasy, I do yoga every day...that is the only way I would have time for it. Gymrat - hope every day in every way you are feeling better and better...Jean- I hope you are skiing!