Moving it Tuesday

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Moving it Tuesday
Tue, 10-29-2013 - 8:47am

I have an easy day today, just one advice client and then I'm heading to a semi private silks lesson. I really want to learn that move I posted a few days ago.  We're looking at adopting a dog and filling out the paper work.  I'm hoping it helps my daughter because I remember how helpful it was for me to have one at that age. But, she's been much better lately, after dropping dance company. I think it's been good for her to take fewer classes and have more down time.

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Tue, 10-29-2013 - 11:06am

Jean, get someone to take video of you learning and doing that move!  Do you know what kind of dog you are looking for?

Gym, I can feel for you on the asthma thing. I struggle with it this time of the year and it's really coming out with my running. My first mile is usually nothing but gasping and spitting to try to breathe. Ugg. I do have a rescue inhaler but not sure how much it really helps. 

Today is a rest day for me. I have to work this evening and I'm tired for staying up too late last night. My husband is out of town at a meeting and I picked up a book yesterday and never put it back down. I read the entire thing. It was a fascinating story of a holocaust survivor and her life after her rescue. 

Hope everyone has a nice evening. 

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Tue, 10-29-2013 - 5:06pm

I am pooped.  It's been a rough 24 hours.  Diabetic kitty went into insulin shock last night so we took him to the animal ER.  He spent the night and they were able to stabilize him.  When we brought him home, he was walking extremely oddly so we took him to see our regular vet thinking he might have broken his leg.  The doc thinks it's a sprain and has ordered some kitty alleve that we can pick up tomorrow.  This has been one of those days that has felt like it's gone on forever.  

In the meantime, I got my oil changed, magic injection and car washed.  No workout today.  Don't know that I'll do much work today either.  I am exhausted.  

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Tue, 10-29-2013 - 9:01pm

Sorry to hear about kitty. He's had a tough time.  Thankfully, it's just a sprain.  Hope your day gets better but then again, it's almost over!

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Wed, 10-30-2013 - 9:05am

{{{hugs}}} on your Kitty.  Pets are family members and it can be very traumatic!