Peer Pressure Tuesday

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Peer Pressure Tuesday
Tue, 05-07-2013 - 8:27am

lol Almost 49 years old and I'm a victim of peer pressure. This Saturday there is a 5K run in rememberance of a young woman (track and cross country star) from my town who disappeared several years ago and still hasn't been found. It is THE event that everyone is preparing for around here and a huge group of people from my gym get together and run/walk it. Just about the entire town shows up with drinks, snacks, etc to cheer the participants on. I wasn't planning on running it this year and suddenly everyone I know at the gym is telling me they "expect" to see my at the meeting place for our gym on Saturday. lol Now I feel pressured to do it. If it wasn't going to rain and be cool I'd probably happily join in but I am not a big fan of running to begin with and then throw in 60s and rain and it doesn't sound like a fun day. 

Fresh, to answer your other reply about my hand/elbow, the nerve seems to have calmed down a lot. I stopped doing pull ups totally and am very carefull not to do any kind of movement that might require a twist of my elbow.

Gym, my family had acquaintences we used to call friends until we discovered they were engage in highly unethical (possibly illegal) behavior and they fluffed it off as totally acceptable as long as you can get away with it. It isn't acceptable for us so we just distanced ourselves.

SJ, as soon as that sun comes out, my vaccuum is going back into the closet! ;-)

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Tue, 05-07-2013 - 10:15am
"They expect you to be there...." I say they're projecting some internal issue they have with themselves onto you. Stay true to yourself, and don't cave-in to let other people want you to do and to be. After all, the lemmings kill themselves to follow each other. Coming from me, the one who hides in the house to stay away from the neighbors when I need downtime, and my husband is out talking to everyone, and everyone is asking about me. Do what you want with your time. You give so much to your family members as it is, so you should take care of yourself in your personal time. I'll bet those people at the gym that expect you to be there don't give half the time that you do to other people. And the time that you do give to your family is so meaningful.