Ready for Spring Break, Friday

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Ready for Spring Break, Friday
Fri, 03-30-2012 - 7:26am

Yay, we're heading out tomorrow.

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Fri, 03-30-2012 - 9:00am

Glad you are seeing a doc, Jean.

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Fri, 03-30-2012 - 9:19am

Have fun! I hope the ankle isn't anything serious.

I'm going to spend the weekend working on my decluttering project (whole house), work on my case study reply for Red Bull, and study up on some Excel. My brother and his kids are coming in for Easter so I am hoping to not have homework that weekend and to have my house in decent order.

I'm having a bowl of oatmeal this morning and then running down to get a softball application for my daughter.

No real big plans today. :-)

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Fri, 03-30-2012 - 9:30am

Oh my!

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Fri, 03-30-2012 - 4:35pm
Jean, I don't think I knew you broke your ankle. I knew it bothered you, but I didn't know it was ever broken. Did you do the whole cast and no exercise thing? Wow! Seems like you're in good working order now, considering.

I am totally off today. I thought I would have all this extra time in the morning since I only had to get 1 child to school today. (The other is already on spring break.) No! We had the girl angst of not liking any of the clothes in her closet. Nothing looking pretty on her. Tears and screaming. Why is this happening at 4 years old?!?!?!? Anyway, by the time she finally settled on an acceptable outfit for her entire 3 hours of school, there was no time left for breakfast. My dd is as picky about what she eats as she is about what she wears. I let her grab whatever she wanted out of the kitchen and we were on our way.

B - yogurt
L - I had my first cheeseburger in a long time because I was starving and didn't have time to pack a lunch. Now I feel gross.
S - curried chicken salad
D - shrimp and beef stirfry

Today was cardio day: bike, treadmill, elliptical

Freshie, are you the one that smacks her knee on the elliptical? I did it today. It happened because my feet were too far forward on the pedals. As long as I kept my feet in the middle or towards the back, I didn't hit my knee.

Trying to move past the cheeseburger I had today, but I keep beating myself up about it. Even though I had to eat on the run, I could have made a better choice. Why did I choose a cheeseburger that wasn't even that good? It wasn't worth it.

Off to work in the garden. Maybe that will burn off some of the extra calories from the cheeseburger I had. :-/
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Fri, 03-30-2012 - 7:10pm

So the good news with the ankle is the doctor was really impressed, all these years later, that my ankle is doing really well--he said for most people

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Fri, 03-30-2012 - 7:13pm

I broke it close to 30 years ago, when I was ice skating.