relief for Friday

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relief for Friday
Fri, 10-19-2012 - 7:54am

YEA!  I am so glad that it is Friday.  This week has been emotionally draining on so many levels!

TONS of work today, yoga tonight, and, then, I hope to collapse on the couch with DH.  I really need to do something artistic, but when I am at home, there are too many "cleaning/organizing" distractions.  :(  Like when I am at the gym, I like being away from home to do art, or at least to not be around anyone else.  I like my alone time. :)

I can't wait to see the SNL skit on the debate.  I get so much enjoyment over that skit!

B green smoothie

L soup from Panera sounds good!

D I have a craving for something mexican!  Fajitas?  Maybe!

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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 8:06am

I too am glad the week is over.  :)  My day isn't terribly scheduled but I have a lot of things I want to get done.  I have one client at my house this morning and that's it for the day.  I'm planning to do a workout with my new adjustable kettlebell.  It came with a video so I'm going to do the video.  We're having a fairly large game night at my house tomorrow night so we need to do prep for that...  cooking, baking and cleaning.  I also need to finish my ballot.  Tonight, I'm having a girls' night out and will need to exercise moderation...

Breakfast: eggs, cheese

Snack: yogurt protein shake 

Lunch: broccoli & ? 

Snack: ? 

Dinner: ? 

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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 12:26pm

I had an early morning client and then went to Zumba. I need a break and to sleep in tomorrow!  Oh, I was at the new gym this week and they have this elaborate sytem for TRX, pull ups, etc.  I hopped up and was surprised at how easily I could do pull ups!  After climbing the aerial silks repeatedly, it makes the stationary pull up bar feel like a piece of cake!

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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 12:33pm
I am waiting for this post from you: "I dropped an earring as I was getting into the car so I just picked up the car one handed and found it. Cars really aren't that heavy!" :D