Thoughtful Thursday

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Thoughtful Thursday
Thu, 07-11-2013 - 9:11am

Personal thought for the day: Don't worry; Be happy. 

The storms yesterday afternoon seemed to usher in a more relaxing atmosphere for my family and we had a very peaceful evening. Everyone got rested up and we are ready for the next big exciting event/drama to unfold whatever it may be. 

Gym, I am glad to see that your mother is doing well.

Fresh, I hope your daughter likes her new job.

SJ and Jean, I am one of those people who usually talks way too much. I bet trainers cringe when they see my name on the sign up sheet. lol

If it doesn't rain we will be at the ball park all evening. 

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Thu, 07-11-2013 - 8:40pm
Gymrat, an ICU stay is pretty standard with head/neck surgery...So sorry for your bad dream...FSN, I think you should weigh the benefit of the HRT against the cost...what price is feeling good worth? Would it cost more than your husband''s convertible? Karla, when you aren't in the delivery room, you're at the ball park...Jean, I think you should ditch the clients you think are high maintenance...let them work with someone who likes that....I went to the gym to lift tonight. I had the wrong shoes in my bag to run, and although I put on my suit for the pool, it was cloudy, like it might storm, so I sat or a while and then went inside, changed, and came home...
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Thu, 07-11-2013 - 10:47am

FSN, enjoy your time with your daughter and it's good to see you happier.  

Karla, enjoy those thunderstorms.  The sky has been threatening here but nothing yet has happened in my area.  We are due for monsoon any time now.  

My mom is in ICU but will probably be moved today.  My stepdad texted me this morning and says she's heavily medicated but doing fine.  I'm so relieved.  I'm still kind of a mess though.  I feel like every muscle in my body has been tense.  I'm working on decompressing but it's been a challenge.  

I woke up sobbing this morning (I can count the number of times that's happened on one hand).  I dreamed that my husband decided to kill himself and I couldn't talk him out of it.  I should have realized it was a dream because he literally wants to live forever.  I woke up so, so relieved that I woke him up and cried on him.  That was about 4 a.m. and I couldn't go back to sleep after that.  I'm guessing that was a stress dream.  

I'm doing a kettlebell video this morning and I've got a client this afternoon. This afternoon, I'm going to a girls' night dinner. 

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Thu, 07-11-2013 - 10:30am
It is a beautiful, sunny day! I was up at 4 (I set my alarm) to get my daughter to her job, and, now, I am sitting through my second conference call for work, and I will be on a third one this afternoon. I am hoping to go out for a nice lunch, too. :). Life is good. Update on HRT is that the clinical studies are all over the board, and each person must weigh the benefits and risks. For now, I have been referred to another doctor, and I need to have a mammogram and pap prior to the HRT. Unfortunately, the patch that was recommended is not covered on my insurance plan. :(. So, I wait a little longer. Karla, how is your DIL? Gymrat, how is your mom? Jean, get rid of your high maintenance clients...they might not be high maintenance for other trainers...different personalities get along with different personalities. SJ, you rock in the workout department! I think my workout will be about staining my mom's deck this weekend.