Thrifty Thursday

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Thrifty Thursday
Thu, 06-27-2013 - 9:10am

I went thrift store shopping the other day and was disappointed to see how much they've raised their prices.  I can practically get a brand new dress for what they are asking.  

I'm off today and doing strength training.  It is seriously inhumane outside so I'm planning to not leave today.  

The editing job turned out to be a bust.  It took me just inside of an hour but when I was finished with the document, it was ready to publish.  The employer wrote to me and said they were looking for someone to do that in 5 minutes (not 55 minutes).  I am suspecting they were actually looking for a proofreader instead of an editor because I could have proofread the document in 5 minutes.  I am still plugging away at applying for jobs.  We'll see.  

I made sort of an executive decision this week.  I'm stopping the prednisone.  I talked to my ENT about it yesterday and he wants to see me before we change anything (so I will see him on Friday).  I am generally NOT a non-compliant patient but the cost is becoming too great.  I am gaining weight, constantly hungry and hyperfocused on food.  My mood swings are unacceptable.  There has to be another way.  I want my life back.  

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Thu, 06-27-2013 - 7:33pm
I applaud you in being the true decision maker in your healthcare. Doctors are just people, and they don't always fully comprehend the side effects of their recommendations. You and your doctor have to weigh the benefits with the drawbacks. At this point, I am contemplating HRT. My hot flashes are WORSE and more frequent with my dd's return. :O. I need to read up on the studies. Speaking of meds, have you heard of catalese? My mom swears by pill a day, and she no longer has to have her hair colored. :O. I just bought some and will try it out. So much work today, I forgot to post and I did not make time for a workout. Maybe elliptical and yoga tomorrow. Cheers.