Too cold on Tuesday. Bbbrrrrrrrrrrr.

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Too cold on Tuesday. Bbbrrrrrrrrrrr.
Tue, 01-22-2013 - 8:25am

OMG, it's freeeeeeeezing outside...I think it is zero degrees without the windchill.

My hand stopped bleeding, but I wanted to give it a couple more days before I work out.  Or perhaps I will do spin tonight.  Work today, perhaps linedancing tomorrow. Either pup training or birthday dinner with dh Thursday.  This weekend, I visit my mom and errands and look at an apartment for dd for next year.  No rest for the weary!

B green smoothie, egg whites with grilled veggies and goat cheese

S banana, applesauce

L hot soup sounds GREAT

S cucumbers, celery

D grilled chicken breast

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Tue, 01-22-2013 - 11:02am

FSN, hope your hand is on the mend!  

It's a little surreal to be hearing about it being too cold given that we're at 80 today and tomorrow.  :)  It's too warm this early in the year but it's only a few days.  I've got two clients this morning and that's it.  I did a cardio workout this morning and it was harder than I've worked in some time.  

Breakfast: breakfast sandwich

Snack: latte

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Tue, 01-22-2013 - 11:36am

I'm right there with you on that cold Fresh. It was 8 degrees when I woke up and the wind chill is below zero. We don't usually get these kind of temps around here. I have long underwear on my granddaughter today even! lol

Ew Fresh-the hand thing sounds bad. I had several very minor injuries last week on the same hand (got one finger pinched in a door, another burned with a curling iron, a nail bent backwards, and a paper cut) and I had enough trouble working out. lol 

I am going to my mother's tonight for ham and cheese omelettes so as long as she doesn't do something weird like stick jelly beans or peanut butter in them (she's been doing weird things like that lately) we'll be fine. 

Cardio only tonight for me. 

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Tue, 01-22-2013 - 3:45pm
I think it's snowing all over the world...well, not Arizona...Krakow is losing the battle with winter. Today the tram I take didn't come, and while waiting, I had a whole conversation with an older man...he spoke Polish, I spoke facial expressions. I am pretty sure he said 'Cn you believe the city of Krakow? They have these trams running with overhead power, and in the snow, the conductor has to get out of the irst car to open the doors on the other CTS. This is crazy'. And I said 'I know, it is crazy, isn't it'. At least I think that was the conversation...he spoke to me for so long icouldn't tell him I only speak I just kept nodding and smiling...we are expecting minus 2 to minus 11 on Saturday...or in Celsius, like minus 100...I will not leave the house....FSN -I agree with the passing on eBay...the tax deduction is probably as valuable if you factor in your time. I hang on to clothes way too much, but I love clothes. I've been buying stuff here at Forever 18...because I am bored with wht I brought...sweaters for 25 or 30 zlotys -8 to 10 dollars. If they don't fit in my suitcase, u can toss them..and yikes on your hand. My mom claimed that society was conspiring to starve old people by making packaging so hard to open...I did goo to the gym, a half hearted 20 minutes on the dread,I'll, and an abbreviated lifting for chest/back and a few AB moves...better than nothing is all I've got for this one...stay warm! Drink cocoa! Put rum in it...
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Wed, 01-23-2013 - 8:25am

Yes, Gymrat, you are on the mend?!  Karla, jellybeans in omelettes...hhhmmmm...dessert and entree in one? I wonder when my mom will start doing things like that...any day, probably.  SJ, it sounds like a very interesting experience to live in a foreign many analogies to your "conversation" with the man at the tram station.