"What day is it?" said the camel... ;)

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"What day is it?" said the camel... ;)
Wed, 01-29-2014 - 9:51am

Happy Hump Day.  I passed my test yesterday, so, now, I can focus on the 100 other priorities I have to complete before I leave for my work trip on Sunday.  Phew.  When it rains, it pours, and the stress is HIGH for everyone!  I left my friend a message for linedancing tonight, so I may or may not go dancing after work.

How is everyone braving the "warmfront" which only means we are supposed to be in the positive digits today.  :P  It still feels freezing to me!!!  Let's all make it a GREAT day!  :D

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Woohoo we are at 19 degrees and climbing! I don't think I will ever again complain about how my part of the country handles ice and snow after seeing the fiasco in Atlanta. My brother lives there and we all thought he was exagerating as he was texting us details throughout the evening. He barely made it home before the ice hit and many of his friends and coworkers are in Home Depot or had to abandon their cars and walk the remaining few miles home. At 10 pm last night he said that kids were stuck in school busses or had to be taken back to their schools. I was amazed when I saw the news this morning that it was all true. lol

I have my grandson today and wow is he a grouch. He has a double ear infection and I have not been able to put him down. When his mom gets back I am going to go to the gym and do some weights and a few miles on the treadmill. 

Homemade chicken soup for dinner. 

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FSN, you made me laugh...I love that commercial....I am so happy my job doesn't involve learning things and taking tests...I feel like anything I don't know now, idon't needtoalso know....Karla, you made me laugh not believing your brother...it is unreal how bad this winter is....I am in a 'why does it matter' mood....I am tired of schlepping tothe gym in the cold...I. Am tired of making my lunch...I wish I were tired of making and eating healthy dinners, but that would require that I actually made a date healthy dinners....carbs, peanut butter, sweets....I just don't want to eat vegetables....I am working seven days a week...not all day every day, but engaged in work activities and I am eating like 'I deserve this'. This is a slippery slope for me....I know I will regret it if I am a messin March, but for right now, I am tired of trying....but I did go tothe gym - foam rolling, 3 quick minutes on bike, lifting for legs, abs....I have many little achy places and so I passed on cardio....
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Congrats on passing the test! I have to pass a written ski test if I want to get my next level in skiing. Who would have thought it was so challenging to be a ski innstructor?  It's freezing here but I still was on the slopes for a good part of yesterday, from 9am to 9:30pm. I did take quite a few breaks.  I can't get over what's happening in Atlanta, Karla!. That's crazy given they had so much warning. What were the school districts thinking???  This apparently happened in 2011 and they were supposed tob e prepared for this.

SJ, it's fine to take a break from healthiness.  Just give yourself a deadline.  Keep up cardio twice a week and lifiting once a week and that's enough to maintain your fitness.  More just keeps you getting better and we don't have to constantly be doing that or we risk burnout.  I've been skiing hard but really resting hard on the other days.  I've had assorted aches and pains, from plantar plate to achiles pain to quickly growing bunions. Ugh, I wish I'd just heal already!