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Thu, 02-03-2011 - 4:43pm

Has anyone heard of workout programs like P90x, Slimin 6, Turbo Jam, etc?

I've been doing Slim in 6, as well as other workout programs, and it makes me feel GREAT like I'm doing better by myself in getting into shape and of course along with that, eating better.

I'm dying to try Shakeology which happens to taste great I had a sample but can't quite afford a month's worth of it. It's a new product for BeachBody that has 70 freakin nutrients and they're ALL HEALTHY!!! I just am waiting for the day I can have that every day!

I've also been doing a lot of Jillian Michaels stuff, who else does?

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Thu, 02-03-2011 - 6:43pm
Hi and welcome. I've done P90X, Turbo Jam and I'm a huge Jillian fan. I always like to at least try different things when it comes to workouts. I've never tried Shakeology though. I'd prefer to just take a multivitamin.

What kind of workouts are you doing?


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Tue, 02-08-2011 - 8:45pm

I've done the 10 Minute Trainer and P90X and love them both.

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Tue, 02-15-2011 - 3:19pm
I am a Jillian fanatic!!!!! I have 3 of her DVD's now and when I feel I can actually breath through one, I go and get a different one to keep my body guessing. She has completely toned my abs and gotten me in better shape then I was before I got pregnant. Thank you Jillian!!!!!!