Loving fall weather Thursday

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Loving fall weather Thursday
Thu, 09-19-2013 - 7:35am

I love the feel of the weather in the fall!  I'm changing my step class so every other week will be interval circuit training.It'll be so much better for the class and easier for me to teach. I don't want to give up teaching step all together because it's a hard skill to acquire.  I have a few advice clients, too.

I can't deal w/ teen girl drama. This time they split the girls into two dance companies. My daughter and her friends were split up, some in the higher one, my daughter and others in the lower one. My daughter is crushed because she's w/ much younger dancers now.  They used to have three companies but they've combined the lower ones into one big one. The studio is great but it's just gotten too big.  First world problems.  What are you all up to? How is London, Karla?

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Thu, 09-19-2013 - 8:15am

Well there must be something in the air with dance classes. My daughter got separated into a class with younger girls too and she is crushed. I had to listen to the complaints all night about why they need to go ahead and just move her with the older girls. 

We won't know until tomorrow how London's tests came out. At this point we are just praying no more surgeries. She's had so many and they are so risky each time. 

I did Insanity class last night and the instructor called out to me and my sister and told us we need to move to the front instead of the back corner. lol I like hiding in the back corner so I politely told her I was comfortable where I was. I hate pressure from something I want to do for fun. Now I am going to feel like every eye is on me next class. 

I have to work this evening so I will probably try to squeeze in a few miles before I head out. 

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Thu, 09-19-2013 - 8:50am

The problem w/ dance is it's just subjective.  If you do another sport, as long as you can score, or whatever, no one cares what you look like!  But, when you add that people have to see emotion in it and the look on your face matters?  I love to watch dance but really, it's the strength tricks that impress me the most. That's why I like hip hop/breakdance best.

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Thu, 09-19-2013 - 8:58am

What is this fall weather you speak of?  We're dipping into double digit temperatures soon but surely that can't be what you mean....  Wink

You all have teen drama and I have old lady tenant drama.  I think the common thread here is our fair gender.

Jean and Karla, I'm sorry to hear about your daughters and the dance class.  I remember, at that age, that sort of thing is practically the end of life.  It may seem ridiculous to us, but it's their world to them.   

Karla, yuck about your class.  I hate that sort of thing.  Good for you for standing your ground and staying where you were.  

No real plans today other than working on the tourism project.   

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Thu, 09-19-2013 - 11:01am
I think the hardest thing as a parent is to watch as your child has angst. It's such a helpless feeling, and when we used to be responsible for all of their conflicts. The good side is that your daughters are getting the lesson of sensitivity to others when they see their peers experience the same thing. Karla, prayers your way for London...and I also am in the back of the room. I don't like being front and center, either. :O. Gymrat, I would love to read your tourism article. I enjoy your writing! Plus, I would love to learn more about AZ. It is one area on our short list for a future winter home. :)
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Thu, 09-19-2013 - 2:20pm

"I remember, at that age, that sort of thing is practically the end of life.  It may seem ridiculous to us, but it's their world to them."   

So true. I tried to explain how disappointed I was not to make the varsity volleyball team and be stuck on jv another year but it seems so silly not that it ruined my life back then.  Well, EVERYTHING ruined my life back then.

LOL, I just noticed I posted the journal in the wrong folder. Karla, if you can move it, that would be great.  Clean up my mess, so to speak.

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Thu, 09-19-2013 - 2:21pm

"getting the lesson of sensitivity to others when they see their peers experience the same thing. "

I'm still waiting for that to happen and not convined it will.  It's a one way street right now.