Teaching Gardens nurtures interest in healthy food

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Teaching Gardens nurtures interest in healthy food
Fri, 12-28-2012 - 8:31am

Have you ever thought of a teaching garden for your children? According to Health Day News, it may nurture their interest in healthier foods. ""When I saw the obesity numbers in children, I thought how can we start connecting kids to the environment so we can help them understand why eating good food is important," Meyer said. "It's a simple idea: Have kids see what it's like to put a seed into the soil and create food that's sustainable and nutritious," she explained.

"When kids are invested in the growing, they're more willing to try the food because they're connected to the process," she added. "And, once they try the foods, it helps them retrain their palates."

She started the program with one school in California, and word spread quickly. Her "Teaching Gardens" program is now part of the American Heart Association's childhood obesity prevention campaign." MORE

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