Workours week of July 29

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Workours week of July 29
Sun, 07-29-2012 - 4:00pm

Can we work out as hard as the Olympic Athletes?  Probably not...but our hearts are just as large...

Sunday -- abs, Zumba

Monday - 10 minute bike warm up, lifting for chest/back, ab circuit - run 2.5 miles

Tuesday - 10 minute bike wamrup, lifting for legs, ab circuit, maybe swim

Wednesday - Pilates

Thursday - 10 minute bike warm up, lifting for shoulders, bi's, tris, maybe run 2.5 miles

Friday - rest day

Saturday - abs, zumba dance party

If I get to Poland in time, I am invited to run in a 4 kilometer race, which if my calculations are correct, id 2.5 miles.  So I plan to run that twice a week until I get there...

One thing I believe about life is that each thing that happens leads to the next thing...that everything happens for a reason.  Two and a half years ago when I broke my foot, it was hard to see any good...the timing was bad, and the ten month with surgery recovery slow and annoying...but I learned some things about my inner strength, and about how much people cared about me and some unexpected places that help came from.   and part of my clearance afterwards included running, which I never thought I could do becase of other broken bones in my feet...I am the only person in the world who started to run because they broke their foot...pretty sure of that...plenty the other way around...and here I am, planning to run in Poland...not fast, but I was SO happy to be able to say that I could run or cheer...and not just be a sidelines joy at this is quite strong...

Also planning a lot of cooking this week...I hope this is the last week, not because I mind doing it but I know DT will be glad to have this behind him...

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Sun, 07-29-2012 - 4:26pm

Running a race in Poland will be so awesome! It's great that you find good pespective in breaking your foot! I remember the not working out being tough.

LOL, I actually will be working out as hard as an Olympic athlete this week. This is my DCAC fitness weekend. so on Friday and Saturday, I do classes from 8am to 6pm and then on Sunday, from 8am to 2pm. Or, maybe they start at 7am. Sometimes they do. I'm doing a postural conference on Thursday.

Rest of the week: I'm taking it relatively easy, I think.

Mon: trying parkour class w/ son

Tues: teaching interval class

Wed: maybe try to catch Zumba at night

Rest of the week at the conference

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Sun, 08-05-2012 - 1:06pm

This was a mixed week.  I didn't go to Pilates on Wednesday because the class was cancelled, but I did 15 minutes on the bike and some abs instead, so I think I am good there.  I did not good reason...and I onl ran once...also no good reason...but I have an extra half hour on bike with one thing and another, so not a total cardio washout.....Lifting was good, so was zumba.  And the cooking was I will give myself a passing grade for this week.

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Sun, 08-05-2012 - 3:25pm

I'm physically and mentall exhausted after the long weekend. I normally do a report about the new and fun classes I took but this year was pretty ho hum.  I tried Flirty Girl--it's a dance class, hate the name. The dance was okay but I do think Zumba does a better job. I took quite a few lectures. The biggest new trend is postural alignment. I can't tell you the number of work shops I took on how having your feet unaligned can give you TMJ or something along those lines. The biggest take away--stand tall, chest high, shoulder blades back, abs tight.  Hmmm, mom might have been right all along...:smileylol:

I did a Masala Bhangra class.  Again, okay. There were people in the class who loved it.  I can see it being a good workout, if you could get the moves.  And, I did the funnest updated hi-low class to finish off the weekend.  The instructor pointed me out for getting the choreography quickly (yay, me since I'm sooo not a dancer and the room was full of zumba and hi/low instructors) and someone told me I was so quick and easy to follow. Haha.  Seriously I have two left feet.

Oh and reviewing last week's workout, my son blew me off and we didn't do parkour.  The rest was as planned, I guess.