The red Solo cups

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The red Solo cups
Fri, 07-20-2012 - 12:36pm

I had a bunch of family in for the 4th of July and knew that I was going to need quite a few paper plates, cups, etc from all the kids. As I was making my list, everyone says to me "don't forget the red Solo cups". (Apparently everyone but me had seen the video!) So, I'm in the paper plate aisle at Walmart and I grab a couple of stacks of Solo cups laughing about it and thinking to myself that the cups had better be something special since they cost quite a bit more than the generics. 

I get home that night and all the kids are running around my yard and they kept coming really close to the horseshoe stakes and I was afraid someone was going to be impaled on them so I grabbed the first thing I could see that was bright (yes-the red Solo cups) and turned them upside down on the stakes to make them stand out better and didn't think another thing about them.

I left those cups on the stakes and now a couple of weeks later a big storm brewed up (yay-finally some rain) and rolled through last night. The wind was so fierce for a few seconds that it tore my shed doors off (unfortunately I had left them open from getting something out of there earlier in the day) and destroyed some of my tomato plants. But would you  believe that just a few feet from my shed and garden, those red Solo cups never budged and are still on those horseshoe stakes? 

I thought that was so funny to see those things out there in that torrential rain still hanging on while everything else was getting torn up. I guess they were special after all. ;-) 

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Re: The red Solo cups
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 11:15am

lol.  Now I understand why one of the linedance venues that I go to is always posting pictures of their stacks of red solo cups!!!