iPhone Yoga Application questions

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iPhone Yoga Application questions
Sun, 12-05-2010 - 2:44pm
Tarah from Canada here. I've been doing yoga (mostly hatha) for about 6 months at home with videos. Sometimes I travel for work and I'm thinking about getting an App for my iPad or iPhone. Has anyone tried any of these?
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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 3:27pm

I have not paid for any apps. I have found video podcasts and I use the nike free app which does have yoga as one of their selections.

Now, with Nike I'd like to warn - it's not a

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Wed, 12-08-2010 - 8:36am

Hi Tara and welcome. I don't have an iPhone so I'm not familiar with any of the apps. If you try any, we'd love to get your thoughts on them.

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