The marathoner who didn't breathe for a month

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The marathoner who didn't breathe for a month
Sun, 10-13-2013 - 12:30pm

As amazing as it sounds, 42 year old runner Victor Carlos went from running marathons to fighting for his life after a bought of the flu. He spent weeks unable to breathe on his own, suffered multiple organ failure, and lost 30 lbs. Miraculously, he is back training again. "A year ago, 42-year-old runner Victor Carlos never thought he'd be excited just to see the starting line. But that was before he almost died.In fact, the father of two girls didn't breathe for a month; a machine pushed oxygen through his body.Now he's training for another marathon.It all began in December with a bad bout of the flu that led to an acute bacterial infection. By the time he checked into the hospital, Carlos was barely hanging on. " READ MORE from CNN

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