How do you establish a routine and stick with it?

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How do you establish a routine and stick with it?
Sun, 08-11-2013 - 11:01am

I have decided to try walking on a regular basis but can't seem to "remember" to get out and walk each day until I no longer have time. How do you establish a good routine for walking and then stick with it?

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I think you have to "schedule" it until it becomes part of your regular routine. Put it in your planner like an appointment (if you use a planner), put it in your phone calendar with an alarm, or at least put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror or computer screen so you have a visual reminder. If you're a stay at home person, you could get dressed in your walking clothes when you get up in the morning--then you "have to" do your walk before you can move on with your day.  I've heard that it takes 28 days to establish a habit but you will probably be remembering to walk in fewer days than that.

The stick with it part can be harder, or it might be easier if you start seeing or feeling results quickly. I guess its a matter of self discipline. Some kind of accountability usually helps, like having a walking date with a friend or reporting to an online exercise buddy.

Sometimes its a struggle to keep the exercise going, good luck!

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It's not just about an amount of can break it down into small manageble walks...

Do whatever works for you...I try to walk every day. Maybe for you three times a week go for a longer one, or every morning and/or night...In the winter I am thinking of going to my local health and wellness centre...Try to think about writing it down on a Calendar or a To Do List.

Sometimes a lot sometimes a little but I am doing it consistently.