Sores in corners of mouth

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Sores in corners of mouth
Fri, 05-23-2014 - 11:27am

   I have been suffering from these sores for almost 3 months. They are sores that come up in the corners of my mouth. I had hysterectomy in March and few weeks later it started. Not sure if it is related to that or not.  I first just used carmex it would lighten up but never fully went away. I seen online it could be Angular cheilitis. 

I have tried the following: B-complex vitamins, carmex, Rescue Balm, Monestat, oregel cold sore cream, blue star cream, Anti fungal cream. (medicines have not changed in over 6 months, only change is I cute back on sugar intake)

Please help me. It is really bothering me because it is sore sometimes and also it looks horrible. What else can I do. The picture is not it at its worst.