Tests for chest pains?

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Tests for chest pains?
Fri, 03-07-2014 - 10:54am

One of my internet friends had to go to the hospital yesterday for chest pains. She was able to let me know via some text messages and last I heard from her she was having tests run and wouldn't know anything until today. What kind of tests are they doing on her and why is it taking so long?

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Fri, 03-07-2014 - 7:39pm

Your friend may have had a heart attack...it's very good that she went to the hospital...

I know it saved my Life!

Probably if she is still in the hospital she has been given medication for pain and resting, while they sort things out.

I know you are concerned for your friend which is wonderful!


In the hopspital usually blood-work an ECG etc.

When I was in the hospital they try very hard to make you comfortable and reassure you...

After leaving the hospital I was off work and had tests blood-work and others done at the hospital.

I take medication probably for the rest of my Life.

I was very tired and weak.

When your friend is able to she will probably contact you or have someone else do it.


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Sun, 03-09-2014 - 7:47pm

How is your friend?...How are you doing?