47 and taking Ocella to help with perimenopause

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47 and taking Ocella to help with perimenopause
Mon, 05-26-2014 - 8:14pm

I am 47 and was having trouble with perimenopause 3 years ago.  I started Ocella and it made me feel sooo much better.  The last 6 months when i am on my period, i noticed feeling easily angry and emotional.  Now this last month on Ocella, on my 15th day of my cycle, I had cramps and started my period. Not spotting. I kept taking the Ocella, but the period kept on and I have gone into taking the inactive pills, and my period is still going strong.  Is this normal??? I am seeing my gyno in 2 weeks.  Is it  possible the pack of Ocella was bad?

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First, please accept my appology for not responding sooner.  "Things" have prevented me from coming to the board.

Yes, what you had going on can be normal.  Ocella is a Birth Control pill. Its purpose is to shut down our normal hormone production and to create menstrual cycles by which form of hormone is being given.  But, Ma Nature can and will often take control and override the BCP hormones.  Often your doctor can help you combat that by adjusting your dose.  However, the closer you get to actual menopause the less your doctor will be able to adjust.  Evenutally you will "be there" and the hormones in the BCP will no longer have any say in the matter.   I hope your doctor was able to assist you.

As for the mood swings - the one thing that I have discovered over the years is that if I take a Vitamin B Complex 50 daily my moods even out.  You do not want to be around me if I have run out and gone for more than two weeks without though!!!  I don't even like being around me.  I am angry at the world!!  

If you have not already done so, I suggest you visit our companion Web site, the Menopause Oasis.  Just click here to be taken directly there.  You will find a lot of information that I cannot possibly provide in a single conversation here on the board.

Please know that you are welcome here anytime; to vent (it really can help!); to ask questions; to share experiences; or to just hang out with other gals who understand and care.

Remember, there are NO dumb questions regarding menopause!

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