Periods: What to Expect?

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Periods: What to Expect?
Sun, 07-27-2014 - 10:35pm

Hi everyone.

I'm so glad this site is still here. I think I was here 6 years ago, if not more.. Wow, things sure do change in that space of time

I recently realized I have been in the throws of premenopause for a few years. At least in hingsight, I sure have had a lot of symptoms.

But now I'm wondering what to expect regarding periods.
Does your period just stop one month, without much warning?
Does it taper off over time and then disappear (the flow becomes lighter and lighter until nothing)?

Can I go from a full "regular" period in June to some spotting in July and then nothing at all in August?
Does the time between periods just start becoming longer and longer, but the flow remains the same (going 5-6-7-8 weeks with nothing, then a full period again)?

I guess what I want to know is: when does this torture stop? LOL  At age 51, I'm so tired of having a full, heavy, miserable period.

I'm not sure if I can expect it to just stop, or if I need to endure months of very irregular periods-- late one month, light one month, heavy one month, gone one month, etc.


Thank you for any insight :-)

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Thu, 07-31-2014 - 3:18am

I can't remember exactly how it went but I do know that it took a while. During perimenopause my periods were heavier and longer than at any other time in my life. Eventually they started changing, less frequent and somewhat lighter. Then I would go several months without any and think they were done, and it would come back. My doctor was saying 6 months with no period=menopause, I would get to 5 months 3 wks and it would appear. For most of my life my periods were rather irregular so I guess it wasn't surprising that perimenopause would be like that too.

Eventually it just didn't come back, which was kind of anticlimactic. Because of all of the stops and starts I was never sure when I crossed from perimenopause to menopause. So do keep a good log of it, and when you are declared "officially" in menopause make note of your age--because later you will be asked that at mammograms etc. Hopefully it will be more quick and defined for you.

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Tue, 08-05-2014 - 1:50pm

Thanks Elc

I suppose it will be that way for me. I was 11 days "late" and got  excited to think this misery would be over. Nope. I'll just have to be patient and figure I'll eventually taper off-- I hope.

These few years of pre-perimenopause have been horrible and I'm so ready to be done. I've always been steady and regular, with no problems my entire life-- until I hit 45. ARGH!!

Thanks for posting

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Sat, 08-16-2014 - 8:50am

I must smilingly reply "any of the above".  Elc11 summed it up pretty well - with one exception.  You must go one full year without any menstrual flow of any kind to be have reached menopause and be considered post-menopause.  Even then you really should be careful when having intercourse for another year just in case good ol' Ma Nature decides to toss in one last hurrah!  My step-mom was the result of a case of her mother thinking she was past the age of being able to conceive!  We have a companion Web site that I invite you to visit to learn lots more about this time of life.  It is call the Menopause Oasis and I try to keep it up to date!  Just click on this link to go directly there.

Please know that you are welcome here anytime; to vent (it really can help!); to ask questions; to share experiences; or to just hang out with other gals who understand and care.

Remember, there are NO dumb questions regarding menopause!

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