Broken Hearts

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Broken Hearts
Wed, 01-09-2013 - 7:26pm

It's been a tough beginning to 2013.

I have "LOST" friends...:(...

Last year dd was in the hospital.

Christmas unfortunately ALWAYS reminds me of Losing My Beloved Mom...

It's my dd's birthday to but last year I was so scared, terrified I would lose her.

Please feel free to share here.

I had a Heart Attack and I am living with Heart Disease...

Any questions or you just need to vent I am usually here...

Are you taking care of your Heart?

I am definitely trying to...:)

Don't forget to Wear Red on Feb. 1...

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Wed, 01-09-2013 - 8:35pm


Wow.. I am so sorry and my thoughts and prayers are with you.. All I can say is that we must be some very strong women because I have endured alot so far also.. Between Hurricane Sandy almost destroying me and my family and we had to evacuate and the stress of not knowing if our house would be here after the storm was over was too much too bare.. We are alive and the house stayed in tact thank goodness..

After the storm though my mom who is 89 couldnt take the stress of leaving her home for a month and who knows why but she had a heart attack..I found her on the floor in the bathroom. She is recovering and in rehab but it wasnt a pleasant day for me at all. On top of it all my sis constantly has to remind me of what a horrible person I am and now I am stuck for now taking care of her pets and her house cause I still have to live here with her. I so want to get my own place but they are so darn expensive and people are homeless still due to the shortage of housing due to Hurricane Sandy...

I still have high blood pressure and taking the meds and when my doctors office shut down and got washed away from the super storm alll of my medical records including heart test and all are gone.. Washed out to sea.. I then found the place that took over for my clinic and they gave me a new prescription but I never got a check up.. So I have to get another check up which I dread because I was getting used to the doctors where I was going.. I dont like doctors to begin with and to have to start over again.. eeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk........

Oh; one of my favorite ex boyfriends and people died last month.. I found out on facebook and it was a shock although I know and knew he was still smoking after so many years.. He was only 61 and I say only because I am 58 .. It was so sad to see that on facebook..

Like I said I think strength and prayer must get us through because I have no idea how we do it..

Take the best care of yourself that you can.. I am finding EFT and meditation to be very helpful along with continued healthy eating and walking although I fall short alot I try and get back on the wagon............ Life is just so challenging isnt it????

Take Care

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Fri, 01-18-2013 - 12:26am


Thanks Free...

You are so right on when you said we must be some pretty strong women!

Again, thank-you...:)...

I am fifty-four on my own except for ds who lives with me...

Life is definitely "Challenging"...

Yes we do have to take the Best Care of ourselves, thanks for that timely reminder.

I have high blood pressure and I am on medication to...

My dd and ds both have "Anxiety" myself to, so I feel your pain and trepidation when it comes to change and the whole doctor situation.

Since losing our family doctor I have had three new Nurse Practioner's...

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Fri, 01-18-2013 - 12:27am
So sorry about your mom and the Loss of your ex...I hope things will improve with your sister.