Exercise May Help Patients With High Blood Pressure Live Longer

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Exercise May Help Patients With High Blood Pressure Live Longer
Tue, 04-24-2012 - 8:39am

Health Day News has reported the results of a 12 year study in which it was found the a little exercise helped patients with high blood pressure live longer.

"Exercise reduced the risk of death in people with high blood pressure during the course of a new 12-year study.

The researchers also found that inactivity increased the risk of death during the study approximately the same amount as would an increase in blood pressure of 40 to 50 milligrams of mercury." MORE

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It is hard finding that time to do it.
Also joining a gym can be an added expense.
We have a new "Y" here, I don't go there either...but I know that they help if you are financially struggling. Basically it's based on your circumstances and your ability to pay. It makes it so it's accessible to everyone.
Have you thought about doing something possibly inside?
Or involving the rest of your family...ALL of you walking before or after supper?
Maybe doing 15 mins. Instead of 45 and working your way up.
I try to walk everyday but sometimes find it hard to do on the week-ends usually Sunday MOST difficult.
Does anyone else have some tips?
I would really appreciate your input.