Happy Holidays from over on Getting Fit in your 20's & 30's!

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Happy Holidays from over on Getting Fit in your 20's & 30's!
Wed, 12-21-2011 - 5:06pm

Happy Holidays! I hope you are all having a good 2011 which leads into a wonderful 2012!!

I wish you all peaceful holidays, and good health in 2012!

I'll be starting off 2012 running the Resolution Run 5K on January 1st (I know who schedules a race on new years day?) with my mom and my Uncle - which is great! It will be almost two years since my Uncle had a massive heart attack on the golf course. He was just turning 50 that year. Thanks to speedy response from golf course staff, and great care in the hospital, this will be YEAR TWO of him running the race, and I tell you he can run circles around me!

Happy 2012!

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Thanks so much Miranda for sharing with us.

I had my heart attack at 49 to and was turning 50.

Cannot imagine how far I have come and am 53.

This Christmas just past my beloved Mom died in her fifties twenty-one years ago.

Every day since my heart attack is a Miracle.

Miracle of Life.

My sister and I and now my dd are learning to put our health first as women.

This Christmas was very special, my dd was in the hospital because of heart health issues and we are so thank-ful she was alive and well and home for Christmas.

I walk every day.

Not very far compared to in the past but every little bit of exercise is a Victory.

Good Luck on your Run...love the name "Resolution"...