Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!
Mon, 12-31-2012 - 10:41pm

Happy New Year 2013!

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Mon, 12-31-2012 - 10:58pm

Happy New Year to you Lori. And everyone on the board. Stay safe and warm.

Rhonda in CA

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Wed, 01-02-2013 - 12:01pm

Hi Rhonda,

How are you doing?

It is cold here and we got lots of snow!

Hope your holidays were Wonderful!

Pretty quiet here, it was just me and ds.

We had a lovely day though.

I put the turkey in overnight and we ate around 12 noon.

He was so happy...;)...lol...

I finally got to see my dd but it was hard with the weather and transportation issues.

The most important thing is we did get to see her...:)...

She got to see her younger brother ds to and gave him a hug.

I know that they really do miss each other to.

It was a very short visit though, not nearly long enough.

She couldn't stay too long.

Her new neighbour was kind enough to give her a rise.

The weather though was not the greatest.

It was snowing, but he brought her long enough so we could see her and give her presents to her.

I love her a lot and last year was a rough time for ALL of us when she was in the hospital.

Thanks so much for posting Rhonda!

It means a lot to me.



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Thu, 01-03-2013 - 12:00am

Smile Hi Lori.  Glad you and your ds had a good Christmas.  And that you got to see your daughter. Ours was good as well. Our 4 kids and 3 of the grandkids were here. We didn't get snow though. It's rare right here where we live. It has been colder here though. And we can drive 45 minutes to go play in it...LOL  My youngest daughter fixed dinner, so I didn't have to worry about it for once. It was nice to let the kids take over. How was your New Years? Did you do anything? We always stay home where we are safe and warm. Now  I need to find the energy to get the decorations put away.. Just haven't had much motivation to do anything lately.

Hoping for a blessed New Year.


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Fri, 01-04-2013 - 8:52am


Quiet New Year's...me and ds...

Not feeling too motivated either...;)...

I have a little tree in our hall up but it is sitting on a desk, not too much to do but just haven't felt like it myself.

Weather here has been bitterly cold and we got lots of snow, definitely more than last year...

It makes it a little harder to get around and honestly I don't mind the snow but I do mind the cold.

I went out yesterday but not for too long.

Got ds a bottle of pop and also cat food and picked up my prescription and also two Subs for us...(we had been given a Gift Card)...Of course it was snowing and I had to walk...snow actually warmed it up...it is 0 last couple nights -16 -13...

I think it's snowing again, or else it's very windy!

Seems like holiday went by so fast doesn't it?

I lost a friend Dec. 22 so I think it's adding to my Depression...:(...

So glad your Christmas was lovely.

My ds and I enjoyed the turkey, it turned out really good...;)...

I am looking forward to a blessed New Year to!...

Have to do laundry today and also a few other errands, need to get my bus pass...

I am tired but happy to be getting out.

I stayed home most of this week.

Missed that but the pain was relentless and knew it was better to stay home.

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Fri, 01-04-2013 - 9:36pm

Oh, yeah, Rhonda, there you are in sunny CA telling us here in the freezer to "stay warm."  LOL  I'm in W. PA and we won't be warm for many months!

I hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous 2013!


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Sat, 01-05-2013 - 12:12am

Smile  Hi Carol... LOL It's not very warm here, although our 50 degrees probably sounds cozy to you back there.. LOL  I would gladly trade some sunshine for some of your snow.  Oh and rain too, we are still in a bad drought.

Rhonda in CA

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Sat, 01-05-2013 - 6:31pm

-1 here today and we think it's warm...;)...lol

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Sat, 01-05-2013 - 6:32pm


Hey Carol!