I hate my heart specialist :(

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I hate my heart specialist :(
Fri, 06-08-2012 - 9:01am

Ok, I know it's not his fault that I have problems, he's "just bringing the bad news", but I just don't like seeing him, because both times I've seen him he's put me on medication.

While I was pregnant with my fifth child back in 2009 I was put on medication for high blood pressure.  After the baby was born the doctor and I tried to get off, but my second reading (can never remember which one it is ...) just wouldn't stay below 90, so he put me back on it.  Back in March of this year I was collecting eggs in the barn when I noticed chest pain and shortly after a shortness of breath.  I decided to go to the ER and had a BP of 160/124.  They did an ECG, kept checking my BP which was going up and down like a seesaw, even though I was just laying on the cot.  The ER doctor sent me home and two days later I got a call from the Heart Specialist wanting me in for a stress test.  I thought I was doing well there, expecting the BP to go up while walking on the tread mill.  I wasn't even looking at my heart rate.  According to the doctor my heart rate was sky high.  So he put me on beta blockers and scheduled a heart scan once my rate went down to 60 b/m.  I got there for the scan and my first reading was at 54 b/m, immediately after it was at 68 ...  So they gave me another pill to get it down and 45 minutes later they finally started the scan.  My heart rate was all over the place and they found out if I stopped breathing the heart rate would remain the same and low.  So I had to stop breathing a lot of times for the scan ...

When the nurse called to schedule another appointment with the doctor I asked if I can stop taking the beta blockers and after checking with the doctor she said that I could.  I finally went to see him yesterday and he said that the scan shows that my heart is fine, blood's flowing through it nicely, but I have calcification in my arteries.  So even though my cholesterol is at 2.5 (according to him the low end of normal), he wants it even lower to below 2 to keep my blood flowing.  He says that it can't be done by diet alone, because he wants to get me "below normal".  I was really upset over this, because I had hoped that I could actually get off the blood pressure meds this summer by getting my weight below 200 lb.  No one has told me that I need to loose weight, because at 5' 10" I don't look "that" overweight.  I have always been heavy, even when I was skinny as a teenager I was heavy.  I mean you could count my ribs and see my hips through my pants and I still weighed over 150 lb.

So now I'm on my blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills, low dose Aspirin, Vitamin D (because it's low) and Ferrous Sulphate (because it's low) and on my own account I had decided to take a Multivitamin for over 40 aged women.  I also thought about buying a Vitamin B supplement, because it says that it'll help you cope with stress and I'm wondering: if I take the whole bottle in one go, does my stress go away instantly ... :smileylol:

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 11:18am
It is really hard to deal with.
I went from taking basically no medications to several.
But without them I wouldn't be here.
So as much as I hate it...and I did at first, it has become a part of Life.
I do it for me, so I can be around for my dd and ds who mean the world to me.
Some ppl do have higher bp and my NP always checks mine more than once at every visit. I am doing good but it's because I do take it. I have made Lifestyle changes but sometimes that's not enough.
I was told it is the hardest to raise your good cholesterol.
Sugar can affect inflamation, so in turn that can affect your bp.
I check my bp on my own.
Lots of places have bp machines that can give you an idea if it's up.. or low actually.
We sometimes have no control if it runs in our family.
I laughed when you asked about taking it all at once if ALL your stress would go away. Having a sense of humour helps....:smileywink:
Have you checked with your doctor about the OTC multivitamin you take and asked about the Vitamin B?
I was getting shots of Vitamin B12 but am not now as my levels were good.
Sometimes over the counter items can cause us problems.
It might be a good idea to check that out with your health care provider.
Just wanted to let you know you are not ALONE.