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iVillage Kick Start Your Weight Loss Community Challenge
Mon, 12-31-2012 - 11:40am
Hi Everyone, it's a New Year and a new you! Don't sit on your resolution to lose weight this year. Drop up to 15 pounds by Valentine's Day with our free diet and weight loss plan! Sign up now and starting January 2 you’ll get daily emails with expert diet and weight loss tips, assignments and motivation to help you reach your goal weight.
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Our coach for the challenge is Joy Bauer, the nutrition and health expert for The TODAY Show! She also hosts the program’s popular “Joy Fit Club” series, which celebrates determined people who have lost more than 100 pounds through diet and exercise alone. Her other ongoing series include Joy’s Diet SOS, Joy’s Healthy Food Finds, and Too Good to be Healthy. She is the exclusive nutritionist for the New York City Ballet and the author of multiple New York Times bestselling books.
Spread the word and feel free to start some conversations or ask your questions, too!

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Thanks Karla!

What a Great and Wonderful Way to start the New Year 2013!



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Hi everyone;

I am kind of interested in what Joy has to say about eating and maintaining healthy weight.. Last year I went on a weight loss journey and did lose 30lbs and now I need to keep it off.; .. but finding the right foods to eat is a challenge.. I dont eat red meat or chicken or turkey so its challenging for me.. At 58 and female I am always tweaking and changing up what I eat.. I tried this and that and then some magazine or doctor or nutrionist says its bad.. I do eat eggs, beans , grains and tofu and pasta and fruits and veggies and a few other staples  but now I have heard grains are not good as they pile up in your intestines..

So what the heck do we eat now??? I also heard whole wheat is no good ... I eat whole wheat pasta and bread ...

I just would like to feel better all the way around and when I think I am doing good with my food new studies or new things come out and tellme I am  not eating right..

hopefully this will help

thank you