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Sun, 05-19-2013 - 12:42am

My dad is still in the hospital and we are not too sure what is going on...:(...

We have had a Loss in our family and so I am going to be MIA for a bit...a week at least...I will try and check in and read the posts and respond but my heart is just not in it.

My dd and ds and I are hurting too much...

Yesterday the Life Support was removed from someone who was very Special to ALL of us...

He passed and we are grieving and in shock...

I regarded him as my son and my dd is devastated, my ds is worried about both me his Mom and his sister...:(...

I cannot believe he is gone and yesterday was so difficult and one of the hardest things we have had to endure.

Please hug your Loved ones and tell them you Love them.

We are missing him so much.

The Grief is unbearable.


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