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Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever been personally involved in one?

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I do believe in miracles. Of course I can't say without any doubt that I've experienced one, but I do feel that my prayers were answered in the past.

I had been dating J for a little over 6 months and it had become apparent that he is an alcoholic. I attempted to break up with him prior to going on a Christian music cruise, but while on the cruise, I constantly prayed that God would somehow get J to stop drinking and if at all possible help us to be together in a truly loving and supportive relationship.

J tried to call me while I was in Grand Turk, but I missed the call and the message was garbled.

When I got home, J seemed to not even remember me breaking up with him, and while he was at the bank trying to set up an account, which was another thing I thought he should have as a grown up, he had a seizure that sent him to the hospital. He went through detox there.

J did relapse a couple of times following the hospital stay, but for 2 years and 2 months he was sober. We did end up kind of breaking up, and J went back to the bottle. I do believe, though, that God answered my prayers back then, and I definitely wouldn't mind another Christian music cruise to be able to spend another week in intense prayer for J.


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