Strict education dilemma.

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Strict education dilemma.
Sun, 03-10-2013 - 9:54am

Lately i tend to be more strict with my oldest daughter, it'a for her sake because she must realize her place in this society but in the meantime it breaks my heart because she will never taste freedom and i don't want become like my mother-in-law with her paranoias. I try to be sensible coming from a free country but by now immerged in the Middle-East.

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Sun, 03-10-2013 - 4:15pm

It must be heartbreaking to have known freedom to make your own life, with civil and human rights, and to no longer have them. <:O We love our children wholeheartedly, don't we? And we want them to grow and reach their full potential, be able to develop their gifts. It is a grief to live where you cannot raise your children accordingly. I sympathize with your struggles. And sometimes I wonder if it would have been better for you never to have known any freedom at all, in the first place? To have had it, and to lose it must be so deeply difficult for you! ♥ Perhaps you can teach your daughter the freedom within, to keep her spirit free, and soaring, even if she must keep that within her own heart, and bow down to the requirements in the society in which you live? Difficult because it is in the teens, of course, that we try to break free and become our own person. Yet with that breaking free, also much come learning to be a responsible part of a community, to belong, to be an adult. It is a difficult journey even in my more open and freer society. Finding one's identity and inner strength is a difficult process wherever one may be, I think. ☽☀☾