After Thanksgiving....... and question needs answering

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After Thanksgiving....... and question needs answering
Fri, 11-25-2011 - 11:39pm

Well Thursday I woke up to

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A little background here - when I went to work full time & DH was was semi-retired, he took over vacuuming.

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Everything falls to the if you clean the floors first you have to clean them again after you dust if you are that

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I agree with Janet.

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I was taught by my mom to vacume first then dust { I grew up in South Eastern corner of WA state in the Tri-Cities, the wind blows there 365/24/7, so no matter how much dusting you do you still have dust on your furniture/windsills}

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If you have a vacuum that is well sealed and does not blow dust all over the place you should dust the furniture (etc.) first so that what falls to the floor can then be sucked up by the vacuum.

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