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This and that
Mon, 05-06-2013 - 7:31pm

DGD was having her 3rd birthday. It's actually this week.  Her party was on Sat. When DD asked her what she wanted she said, "Presents." I guess she has that down pat. lol  DD and family have friends with a large family and they get together a lot.  So DGD had invited another 2 yr old to her party.  For some reason this child took to me even when she missed her Dad who dropped her off.  She shared her balloon, gave me the toddler's sippy cup, and even climbed up onto my lap.  Now I had met her at other brithday parties where she was able to come with her older sisters, but there was no real contact between us. 

When I was having my MRIs done, I couldn't move my head so I thought of songs.  Now I could remember parts of a lot of them but not the entire song.  I found the Easy Listening station on TV that plays instrumentals of oldies.  As soon as the music starts, I usually remember all the words.  Sometimes I have to look to see the title.  It's a wonderful station.

I started reading a bit more and am now on the book club selection for this month.  It is George R. Stewarts's Earth Abides.  This was written many years ago and after reading some of his work, I realize how many current writers are such poor writers.

Have some pleasant times.