And the saga from next door continues........

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And the saga from next door continues........
Mon, 10-17-2011 - 12:35pm

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Good things can happen....... let's hope that they get them out of there before the house is in worse shape than after the fire..

We for some reason have had these people move into our little town from out east.....they come with their old cars, kids and pit bulls.......they move in tie the dogs to a tree and then the kids go to school and they got to work and when work is over they got to the bar till they can hardly make it home....the kids are afriad of the dogs......"DUH"!! so they bark and get lose and kill other animals and make it ruff to walk around town. Then on top of all that their places really get bad etc.....

So one thing the town did was outlaw pit bulls, and other known killer dogs... Don't tell me that it is all the owner's fault in these cases maybe but there are some dogs that no matter what the dog whisperer tells you are inbred to kill but all the love in the world won't help you when then turn on you.....

What this did was made these people move to somewhere else....but the other little towns around all adopted the same laws

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Yes, agree (shaking my head) LOL It could also be part of a soap opera. I think ALL MY CHILDREN would not have gone off the air if I had been the writer...:)
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Too much drama going on.