Anti-aging facial products?

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Anti-aging facial products?
Sun, 03-31-2013 - 9:01am

Does anyone use anti-aging facial products? Do you think they really work? I have hear some great things about the Almay anti-aging smart shade makeup and wondered if anyone had tried it.

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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 3:48pm

My opinion is that taking care of yourself inside will show on the outside. If your parents and grandparents showed their age then the best thing you can do is to eat right stay out of a lot of sun. And hope for the

Also I think that your attitude has something to do with how you seem on the outside too so while it might make your skin feel better for a is time that will tell.

I find that I thought more about anti aging when I was young and now feeling good and being happy is more important to me. 

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Thu, 04-11-2013 - 3:43pm

When I turned 60 I was taking a vacation in California with a girlfriend who was also turning 60. We decided to treat ourselves to visit a famous skin doctor, Dr. Murad. We had our skin analyzed and bought a few of his products. I've been using them ever since and can't imagine ever being without them. That was 10 years ago and my skin still looks pretty good for "an old lady"...:)

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Wed, 08-14-2013 - 12:43pm

I think it really depends on what you're hoping to achieve.  Look younger, stop aging (not possible), or just look refreshed and healthy.  I just use drugstore products and admittedly have great skin...but I'm only 31.  My best friend is 35 and has been using all of the expensive stuff and getting Botox for the last several years.  She was definitely showing her age more than I am, but then she has 3 kids and I have none -they say stress can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles and age!  She also regularly sees an aesthetician for facials and peels, and uses really expensive products.  The Botox injections have basically eliminated the wrinkles in her forehead and have almost eliminated the "11" between her eyes.  I have to say, I'm impressed.  I also think there are so many products out there because everyone is different.  There are many products that I CAN'T use because my skin reacts to them, and not in a good way.  I think it's important to find what works for you....and wear sunscreen! :)