Are you even "close" to being ready for Christmas?

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Are you even "close" to being ready for Christmas?
Fri, 12-13-2013 - 10:35am

For the first time in years I think I am!  All of my major gifts but one are bought and most of them are wrapped.  My house is decorated (inside and out) to suit me.  I do have a few stocking stuffer gifts to buy and am headed out later today to do that shopping.

My son & daughter and I will have Christmas Eve dinner here  at my house - something simple that we all like - and open our gifts then.  Our big Christmas dinner will be at the home of an 'adopted family' where we will have all of the traditional dishes plus a few!!

How about you? You gonna stay home or will you be traveling?!  Do you do a big *traditional* Christmas dinner or something non-traditional?

I found this little saying the other day that I thought says it all so nicely :

The best gift around the Christmas Tree
is the presence of Family wrapped in love.

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