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Bits and pieces
Mon, 08-06-2012 - 3:50pm

Fri.. I was helping DD all day long.  There was a stomach virus that attacked the whole family-and not all at once.  Later that evening she called and asked if I could watch the oldest DGS who got sick in the restaurant.  DSIL was home with him when I got there.  Then he went back to dinner.  Several people had come to the table and complimented DD on how well the kids behaved.  One couple insisted on buying all the kids ice cream.  When it arrived there was a dollar bill under each bowl. 

Sat. I relaxed and Sun. I think I started getting the virus again.  I just got really tired.  R & I went to the grocery store, the shoe store where I was able to get another pair of fancy, sponge bottom  flip flops.  It helps the bone spurs I have on the bottom of my feet. 

I just got back from DD's where I was helping her by folding laundry.  I'm not sure how many loads she does per day.  With everybody sick there were lots of sheets and blankets.

When I was at the shoe store the strap on my purse broke.  I've been looking for another purse but haven't found one the right size.  I don't like those very big ones.  I found one that will do for now. 

Back to my book that was written in 1918.  It had been on the book club list and is called "My Antonio." 

I'm going to do my best to post something every day so the Garden can continue to grow.  We will either get people back or get new people.

Stay cool.