Catching up

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Catching up
Sun, 10-28-2012 - 5:58pm

I finally got to post on the new board.  I see where the prayer section is back. Nice.

Last week I was in VA with DD.  I stayed with my best friend and her Doberman.  He was OK and only had an issue when I sat on the wrong end of the couch.  I got to attend two of the college classes that my friend teaches.  It was cool.

I had she crab soup, Mongolian BBQ, ate at a Japanese steak house, and found one Chistmas present for DGD #2.  She has been asking for something with her birthstone which is turquoise.  The three oldest are getting a small present and a shopping trip with me.  So I found a black and turquoise bracelet  for her.

I'm still resting up from my trip.  R came home from Vegas/CA early.  Her headaches were so bad and she was getting physically sick.  She wasn't scheduled to return until after the first of Dec. 

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