Did you know?

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Did you know?
Sun, 04-21-2013 - 9:11am

How often you can give out personal information?  I don't use reward cards because nobody can tell me what I personally buy can help them.

I was at Burlington Coat Factory and the woman asked me for my phone #. I told her she didn't need it. So she asked for my zip code. Same response. Rose was with me and bought something as well.  Same questions and same answers. She said that she guessed we didn't want any coupons. I asked the woman how that information will help her. She said that they can pull up your address from your phone records.  She said "You do get your phone bill in the mail, don't you?"  I told her that Ihad it emailed to me. She got angry and said never mind. I guess that they clerks get a bonus for how many people they can get information on.

My DD was in Payless to get shoes for her and her son.  When she was asked for her phone # she told them she didn't need it; then zip code with the same answer.  So they asked for her email address.  She said that all she wanted was to buy a pair of shoes. The clerk said that the register wouldn't work without some of this information and asked again. DD restated that all she wanted was a pair of shoes.  She was ready to leave the store when a manager came over and showed her how to use the register.

So next time I clerk asked just think about how much information you are giving away.

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Mon, 04-22-2013 - 2:16pm

I know that happens.  There was the time when someone stole my info and opened a credit card at a Walmart store in CA. They opened the account and walked out of the store with 4-$500 TVs!!!

You can't be too careful these days.

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Fri, 04-26-2013 - 6:46pm

I know , it seems like they ask you everytime you go to but something. We always use our debit card or pay in cash and refuse to give out the information they are asking. If they persist my husband or myself will say "I guess you didn't want to make this sale today" and leave. Then we call the company or get in touch with the manager and explain what had happen. Always note the persons name on the name tag time and date. We also get our telephone bill e-mailed to us also. You really also have to be careful about giving your number or any information out over the phone even if you are speaking to a goverment agency. When they ask any information we tell them our line is not secure then they have to work out some other safe method to get what they need. You can never be to careful over giving out your information.

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Thu, 05-02-2013 - 10:53am

This drives me crazy too when I can't check out of a store without my phone number and zip code. My husband now refuses to give this info and you can't believe how long it will hold a line up until a manager comes over to bypass this.

What do you think stores are doing with our information?