Do any of you have the "BING" bar?

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Do any of you have the "BING" bar?
Wed, 01-18-2012 - 3:20pm

I was having trouble syncing my iPod and after much searching found out that I needed to download Safari in order to sync to iTunes.

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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 4:04pm

When you download a program and after you have ran the scan on on the .exe and it will start the install...somewhere on there should be a little box that is already checked for you to install other things...if you didn't happen to see it you should have unchecked it if you don't want it.

I have never been fond of bars, no matter if they are from Microsoft, Google or this is me talking,,,,,I feel like they slow down your computer and can invite sneaky things that you may or may not want to use or have on your computer...

Anything that you have in the clock area of your task bar are things that are running in the background and that can slow your system down. I have my anti virus and Carbonite (backup) running down there and that is all.