Do you prefer reading "real" books or on a device like the Kindle?

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Do you prefer reading "real" books or on a device like the Kindle?
Sat, 10-12-2013 - 10:00am

I have to admit that I LOVE my Kindle.  I have two Kindles. One is just for reading and can be read in the bright sunlight.  The other is the Kindle Fire and can be read when there is no light at all!  The two main reasons I love the Kindle is because 1) I have an eye condition, so I can adjust the font  2) I always have books to read.  (instant gratification)   .

What do you think?

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I do love the feel of paper under my fingers when reading and resisted getting an e-reader. Then last Christmas my dh surprised me with an iPad mini so I downloaded the Kindle app and started buying ebooks. I also love reading on the ereader. I still buy paperbacks occasionally but I'm buying more digital books these days. I get them through Amazon and while many titles cost only slightly less than a paperback, they regularly send me emails about special deals for books for under $3. From that I've purchased some books that I'm not sure about (wouldn't spent $7 on) but willing to take a chance for $2 LOL, and found some new authors to like. And I love how the digital book arrives instantly! And, being able to adjust the font size is nice too for my older eyes.