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Good morning and Happy February!

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There is

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We went to Norfolk today, Del had to see the eye doctor from Sioux City that comes down there he also goes to Yankton......YEAH..... I hate going to SC.

Anyway we stopped in Neleigh for a pizza.....she brought it to the table and I swear that it had been deep fried....I told Del I don't think I am going to be able to eat this....it barely had any toppings on it just cheese and oil......so I took my napkin and laid it on one piece it was soaked with one piece. so I laid another one on a couple pieces......but I took a couple bites and I just couldn't eat it......Del on the other hand just sopped it up with extra napkins and ate 2 pieces then said .....maybe I will have another at home...lol

And when we went to check out she asked .......was everything alright? I had to tell her. We got a free pizza......the thing is when we got home I told Del that is what he was having for supper and he actually said maybe we can just toss it....lol

This was Pizza Hut......the bad thing is that they have a new one in Norfolk and I told Del we should stop there but then I figured that we would just head this way so we were closer to home.....bad idea....

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Joan from NC.

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Hello all! February is usually a very quiet month for us - no family birthdays. Nada. We are having a small dinner party here this Saturday. Then on Feb. 15 I will celebrate being cancer-free for 30 years! I.Am.So.Blessed. Still on the Diet wagon and trying stay focused. That's it from the Bayou.
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I enjoy that movie too, Shari. Really fun.

Another name?

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Tomorrow, the 5th, is my DD's 28th birthday.

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Wow, I've already missed groundhog day and thank the mailman day. Cool story about your mailman. Mine comes so late in the day I usually never see him/her?

There are no family celebrations this month, but a fellow I met once (or twice, or a few times in New York) is celebrating his birthday tomorrow. Many of his fans will be celebrating too. (Happy Birthday James Spader.)

I can't ever recall wishing to choose a different name. I like mine.

Now what is it that Blu calls February 14th? I know she has a special name for it. Somebody help me out.

My favorite president is Jefferson.



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I'm not sure how long he was there, but I think it was 2 or 3 days.