Halloween "always" on Saturday night?????

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Halloween "always" on Saturday night?????
Fri, 10-28-2011 - 10:51am

I read that Connecticut State Rep. Tim Larson is proposing that the Connecticut legislature permanently designate the last Saturday in October as Halloween.

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Interesting concept. I wouldn't mind it at all.
We always have a big Halloween festival the weekend of Halloween. It started today. Hundreds of activities going on downtown, costume parade for kids and another for dogs, to name a few.
Trick-or-treating is always on the 31st unless it falls on Sunday, then it is the next night.
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Probably for the best because when it is on a school night it is a hassle. Around here it would be better if it was in Aug...sometimes on Oct. 30-31 it is bitter cold, cold and snowy or cold and rainy......we have a big blizzard one year once in a great while it will be pleasant but I wouldn't count on it......that is why they started trick or treating here at least for the younger kids at about 4pm....

I have been there and done Halloween so now I keep my lights off.......lol