Happy Turkey Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Turkey Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thu, 11-24-2011 - 2:18pm

WE are going to our son's house this evening for supper. I made a desert my mom used to make it and we called it cherry desert.....but I like the the stuff that the cherries are in.....the cherries not so much......so I make mine with chocolate pudding...I mean it has cream cheese everything is good with cream cheese.....lol

Well so much for my black shopping.......I got an email from Amazon that they had laptop bags for the 17.3 computers for $30.....special. Ok, I have been looking for one like in Wally's but they don't have the big ones and when they do they are about $70...

So I thought this one on special for $37 was a good deal you saved about $20 then I went to check out and they were going to charge over $10 to get it to me...Well yes it still would have been cheaper but also a cheaper bag too......so I am still looking......I had a really good one with my old laptop but there was no way the new one would fit in it......so I carried it home in the box it came it......it does have a handle.....lol.....

Since we try to not buy so much "stuff" anymore shopping when you can't really stand for very long is probably a good deal or I would really just buy that "stuff"......lol I will look after Christmas, like in Office Max maybe get a bag in there on sale....

I just checked the weather channel and there was a weather alert there...I thought crap we are going to get snow......but no only 40- 60 mph winds......if we had snow with that you wouldn't hear from us till spring......looks like we are not going to have any rain or snow till the 3rd... it is 63 now going to 66 today.....when that wind comes through it will cool but still temps in the 40s I will take that till April......

Have a great day everyone.......

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Sun, 11-27-2011 - 9:24am

Sometimes Amazon will have free shipping on certain items if you spend over $25.00, but I don't know about the bag your were looking at.