Has the summer gone by fast for you??

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Has the summer gone by fast for you??
Sat, 12-01-2012 - 7:07am
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Sun, 12-02-2012 - 5:50pm
Well, guess we won't be doing much, probably going to son's house for xmas dinner. But nothing much going on.
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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 11:17pm

 As we don't do holidays we will just be more or less hibernating this month. We tried to do some grocery shopping yesterday. The key word is tried. We should have stocked up last month on groceries so we wouldn't have to do any main stream grocery stores now.. The stores are so packed. D/H get's around pretty good in his wheel chair. I have not used the electric wheelchair/carts at the stores. I think I could move a little faster if I just walk and push the cart. Any how I hope your month of December goes well for all the lady bugs...ellie-mite

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 12:48pm

Well, let's see.....the house is almost fully decorated, both inside and out.  I'm still thinking about a couple of wee areas that I've not decorated yet; but may leave them that way!

My DS and I will be joining Syl's family for Christmas dinner on probably Saturday, the 29th.  Not sure when we'll celebrate our private Christmas.

Syl & her sister and a big bunch are gathering at her sister's home on 12/21/2012 for an "end of the world" party.  There will be a huge bon-fire in the back yard and goodness knows what else!!!  DS and I may go to that too.

I have a Red Hat function next Saturday (the 9th) and we had our VFW-LAUX Christmas party on the 4th.

We still have very little snow, but that is not abnormal for us.  I can remember many a time hoping for just a wee bit of snow for Santa's sleigh to land on!!

Hope you will all be with someone you want to be with on that day!

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Sat, 12-29-2012 - 8:33am

Hi Kt, I know your Christmas went well. So happy for you Right now I am not being allowed access to so starting a discussion here. I can only give "quick" replies. Very frustrating!