Hello everyone

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Hello everyone
Tue, 05-07-2013 - 11:43am

We made it to the camper and then we got snow......more snow than we had all winter. But it didn't last long and still not warm. This week is only in the low 70s. 

I can't do my earrings up here it would be to much stuff to bring. But I do paint some pavers. While I like fishing since my knees and back hurt when I stand it makes it hard. And I hate not doing that as much. That is one thing that Del and I always did even with the kids.

But the good thing is that there are some fishermen here in the camp and they have boats that is something that Del has always liked but we never had one because I always believed that if you can't swim you shouldn't be in the middle of a lake.....lol. But it don't bother the guys.

Not all the campers have been here to open up and there are a couple that haven't brought their campers back yet. Our camp is full and there is a waiting list.  And there is always someone driving through looking for an open spot...

The lilacs are just getting leaves I hope they get to bloom. 

Talking about so many choices of thing like deo. cereals etc, why don't someone come up with a lilac that blooms all summer. Wouldn't that be nice......I would love it our camper is backed right up to them.....mmmmmmm

We upgraded our Directv here so we now have HD and a DVR at the camper. Bad thing is I don't have a DVR at home , well for that matter right now we don't have a tv........When our big old 27" bit the dust we bought a 32" skinny HD tv. And while that is big enough for us at home it also fits in the camper space. So we are thinking of about a 47" for at home. We will see. 

Now we have to take this huge old 32" tv from the camper into Goodwill. The tv works good and I hated to just toss it. And if someone can use it all the better right?

Del stained a deck for one of the campers that don't get around that well and wouldn't you know it he hs 3 more to do. He hardly ever says no to anyone.....lol

Well, I think I will go out and paint this morning..........

Have a good week.........

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Tue, 05-07-2013 - 6:55pm

Hey,Janet.  I'm with you on the lilacs.  I love them too.  Somebody told me that they have some that grow in the south.  Sometime I'll check that out.  I like roses too and now that I have time I just need my own space so I can grow some. 

I once dated a guy that had a boat who liked to go water skiing.  Now this was before sun screen.  I not only couldn't swim or water ski, but I burned horribly.  He didn't last long. lol

I don't have a flat screen TV yet.  I don't know about size.  I just don't watch much.

Take care,


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Sun, 05-12-2013 - 9:49am
Hi there, I hope your weather warms up. We have had yukky weather here, too. It is quite warm today, but very foggy. Am hoping it clears up since we have to drive to Balitmore Good for Del for keeping everyone happy and himself busy!!!