Is it over yet?

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Is it over yet?
Mon, 11-05-2012 - 8:50pm

Don't know about you but I will be glad when the calender says it is Nov. the 7th. I'm so tired of all the political stuff on T.V. and bad mouthing etc. Bad enough It is the presidential, senate and so on down the line, the local elections are running to. I will be glad to see all the signs gone from the road way's.

The results of my MRI of my back showed that I did rupture another disc and also at the L1 ( bottom of my spine there is quite a bit of narrowing there with that disc. The last MRi showed I had 50% arthritis in my back around the old injury and now it shows it is up to 80%. Also when they did this last MRI they pinched a nerve in my neck.Must have been my lucky day. So we are going to wait a month and see how things calm down. Doctor told me I was stubborn and needed to quit being active and doing what I have been doing. But If I were to quit then I might as well give up. She said she will talk about epidural injections when I come back in but there aren't going to be any of those. Just need to learn my new limitations and keep on doing like I was doing before.

The bald eagle that try to swoop down and get my dog 2 weeks ago swooped down and took one of the small squirrels that was hanging on the side of a tree in our yard this morning. It just broke my heart. I know its nature and the chain of food but these squirrels were like pets to us.

Bad news for the D/H. Had his eye check up today. With him losing all the weight he was sure his eye sight had improved. Well it did in a way. The doctor said he could not see any signs of the diabetes in the back of his eyes like before. My husband is legally blind. But the exam took for ever. And the doctor said that they can hardly test my D/H field of vision any more because it is so bad. He believes he has had a mini stroke since he last seen him. This really was a let down for my hubby. Now he has to see the neurologist to have some scans ran. He hadn't noticed that the past 3 months he had been complaining to me that he has had a harder time seeing things. I chalked it up to the west nile virus he had.. Never a dull moment here, at least medically that is.

I hope the victims of Sandy will be able to get their lives back on track soon. Some of the things that we have heard about that has been allowed to happen to them is just a shame. No one should have to suffer after going through what they have. And then to get this new storm and then a earth quake in New Jersey to boot. Keep this people in your prayers. .....ellie-mite

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Sat, 11-10-2012 - 4:19pm

It's over.  Yes, I'm happy that it is over, too.

The victims of Sandy certtainly have suffered a lot.  The local fire company collected goods and supplies yesterday to take to NYC.  I took over a few boxes and they were very excited to see the response from our community.  God bless them as they take the supplies there today. 

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Sun, 11-18-2012 - 7:04pm

This was by far one of the "meanest" political campaign seasons I can remember!  I too am really glad it is now in the past.  Now if our senators and congressmen will just get with it and do the jobs they were elected to do we might just survive it all.

So much is being given to be used by the Red Cross for the victims of Sandy.  I can only hope that at least 90% of all the funds collected is actually used to benefit those people.  That has not been what I have seen happen in the past - way too much ends up in the 'administrative' coffers to suit me!  Locals from all around are sending 'things' to help, and that usually gets used for its intended purpose.  I see that state troopers from around the country are volunteering their services to help out there too.  That is a good thing!

Sounds as if you guys are having way more than your share of medical problems, Sassy.  Hope it gets better for you soon.

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