It was as I expected.

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It was as I expected.
Thu, 09-20-2012 - 6:45am

I saw the neurologist yesterday and after listening to all that happened and what I've done he said that he had no clue why I have this eye pain.  At least he was honest.  After all the testing and looking at what meds I take and for why he said that I was very healthy for my age.  Next week I'm having a special blood test and an MRI.  I guess he wants to  see if I have a brain. lol

DD took six of the grands to the dentist.  For large families they give them the time needed and do them all at once.  It is a good idea for they get guaranteed income.

More training for my seasonal job.  The woman is new and is making this harder than it has to be.  Oh well.  We get paid for training and I don't fault her.  I have to leave around 7 am to get there by 8:30.  The traffic to Atlanta is worse than in Atlanta.  People slow down for two big curves on the way in.  They are not sharp turns, just long.  Maybe that's why-they think their cars can only make sharp turns. lol

Have a good day and enjoy the cooler weather.


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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 7:12am

hope they find out what is causing you such pain, karen.

we were up atlanta way the end of august, just driving through. i just don't care for city traffic anymore, been living in the country too long i guess. lol