More test, YUCK!

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More test, YUCK!
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 12:04am

:smileyfrustrated: Well last Friday I had my colonoscopy/upper endoscopy. I have been putting them off. Finally my primary got tired of waiting and he called and got the appointment for me.Tomorrow I have to have a ultrasound done on my stomach and liver. Okay that didn't sound to bad. Had them before. But I can't have nothing to eat or drink after midnight tonight . But my appointment to get the test done isn't until 3p.m.  That's a long time to go with out anything. Now I get a phone call from some women center to go there for the pap smear etc. I am a little perturbed at my  doctor. I guess he thinks I'm rolling in money. Still have 2 hospital bills I am paying on. Any how they found out among other things is my blood vessels in my stomach are seeping blood.  He says he can zap them with a  laser and close them off. With all my other health problem I don't know if I will let them do that.

We have had severe thunder storms every day. A lot of lighting. Our electric went off 7 times Saturday. I like storms.It's God watering every thing he created. Hope the lady bugs have a good night and a nice day tomorrow....ellie-mite

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Tue, 07-31-2012 - 7:52am

Good luck on your tests, Ellie. 

My nose surgery hasn't helped my eye pain. It was with me all day yesterday.  After I get the OK from the ENT doctor I'll have to go to a neurologist.  Before that I'm going to a dermatologist.  I'm passing on the podiatrist.  I think I can live with the bone spurs.

We've had thunderstorms too.

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